What should we wear?
Simple, simple is the way to go. To keep focus on the subject is the goal; therefore, uncomplicated clothing choices are best for creating ageless portraits. Matching siblings and family members in same tonality really works well, not the same outfits, but keep the tones even. On newborns and babies, less is more. Baby skin is so special, so why not show it off? But of course any outfits you love are welcome. And don’t forget hats, they are lovely in photos. Have a few outfits that you are considering and I’ll help you make the final choice on what would be perfect for the your child's portraits based on the mood you are wanting to create.

How long will the session last?
About 1-2 hours, but flexibility is key.

What can I expect with a photo session?
I will work hard at keeping you and your children comfortable. Relax and model happiness is what I ask from you. If we are shooting at your home, you can sit down and read a book with your child, pull out a favorite toy; you can include it in the photo. If we are shooting on location bring some fun stuff with like buckets, pinwheels, outdoor toys or just things that your kids enjoy. For the post toddler crowd, sometimes I need to request a bit of room while I am taking their portraits. Why? Well, a lot of times a child feels they need to behave or act in a certain way in front of the camera when a parent is right there, and that often translates into unnatural smiles and expressions. I want to present to you images of your child that are natural and real and so I ask for space. I would like your child be my guide.

To schedule a session consultation, or to book a session appointment please contact Terri
email- terrinelles@gmail.com
phone- 224.805.2448